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At a Special General Meeting on Friday 6th September 2013
 a proposal to wind up BCC was carried.

Brief summary of the SGM

Sean Everett (Chairman) explained that the decision to wind up BCC was taken by the committee and trustees because, quite simply, audience levels had dropped to the point where the operation was uneconomic, and there weren’t enough volunteers to run the organisation.

He pointed out that the cost of a license to show films ‘commercially’ (ie advertising to the general public and charging admission) had doubled since BCC started in 2008.  In recent months audience levels had dropped to a level that ticket sales did not meet film hire costs, let alone make a contribution to hall hire and other expenses. To have continued would have meant exhausting accumulated funds.

Treasurer Susan Horton reported that BCC had a healthy balance in a current account, and some reserves in a savings account that had been built up as an equipment replacement fund.  It was estimated that total assets, including realising the residual value of our projection and sound equipment, was in the region of £4,500.

There was a short discussion on possible options for the distribution of these hard-earned funds. The committee and trustees would like, if possible, to see that these assets are used to benefit the local area and we are in touch with Carn to Cove (the Cornish Arts trust that helped us start), Bude-Stratton Town Council and a recently formed arts promotion group.

A vote on the proposal that BCC should be wound up was carried by 19 votes in favour and 1 against.

The meeting concluded after Lesley Philpott, a member since BCC started, thanked the committee and all other helpers, past and present, for the work they had done to bring films to Bude, and the enjoyment that had been provided.

Looking ahead

The BCC committee, together with the charity trustees, will now need to address the issue of dispersal of the assets in accordance with BCC’s constitution, which states:-

“BCC shall not be wound up except by a resolution of 75% of those present at a Special General Meeting called for that purpose. In the event of a winding up, the remaining funds of BCC shall not be distributed among the Members but be passed to a non-profit making organisation or organisations with objects similar to those of BCC. Such organisations shall be chosen by the Committee in consultation with the British Federation of Film Societies or like organisation.”

This web site will remain live for the time being so that developments can be posted, and members and supporters will also be kept informed via mailing list messages.

NB. This summary should not be regarded as the formal Minutes of the EGM. They will be published later.